Available Benefits to the Patient

Patients have a log in portal available to you so that you have access to the growing options in healthcare. The mobile-health plan helps with your continued health. You get access to:



Browse the portal for access to discounts; post your comments about services 


Tips from our doctors on keeping you healthy.


Articles that reflect current events and trends in medicine.

Houston Healthcare Initiative

Insurance companies have had a monopoly on healthcare for a long time and the results have been a disaster.

Your Health insurance premiums have skyrocketed and the quality of care has gotten worse.

 But there is another way!

 If physicians and patients work together in a healthcare cooperative and cut out the middle man (the insurance companies), 

patients receive better care at a lower cost.

 Houston Healthcare Initiative is that cooperative.

 We can provide deep discounts for the members  healthcare services such as doctor visits, blood tests, xray, MRIs

 We also provide a free Doctor Hotline. Patients can speak directly to a doctor 24/7 to get advice and treatment.

How Does It Work?

 1. Make an appointment for a free annual physical exam. When you call the hotline, the doctor will

      have access to your medical history.


2. Call the free Doctor Hotline any time with medical questions, medical access questions or payment 

     questions. Phone, text, email, or video chat may be used for contact.


3. You may call the Hotline while you are in the Emergency Room or hospital to ask about the         

      appropriateness of care. For example, is a specialist consult needed or not or is a specific

      test needed?


4. Have peace of mind that you will always have medical care at your fingertips either in Houston

     or if you are traveling.